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Ready to become a Paper Florist Specialist? Welcome


the first Italian Community School entirely
dedicated to the world of paper flowers!with live
courses it will seem to be  one next
to the other and you can acquire the
right method to get the most out of your creations
and realize original paper flowers with unique design
and exclusivedirectly from your PC or smartphone yes! even


you start from scratch!

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Il fiore dello zafferano 💜 il fiore della mia infanzia
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Il fiore dello zafferano 💜 il fiore della mia infanzia

Lucilla Paper

2020-10-22 17:13

L'oro rosso d'Abruzzo ❤️ un fiore che mi riporta in un lampo a quando ero bambina...

Corsi online in diretta Facebook
- It's starting from here. , paperflowers, corsi, online,

Corsi online in diretta Facebook

Lucilla Paper

2020-10-12 12:08

I corsi in diretta Facebook di Lucilla Paper sono gratuiti acquistando il file/cartamodello di riferimento...

- It's starting from here. ,

Paper Flower Social Lab

Lucilla Paper

2020-10-12 11:46

This is Paper Flower Social Lab, a free Fb group, within which you will find a real free route..
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