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There is a group on facebook where you can find tutorials and tips?

Ready to become a Paper Florist Specialist? Welcome


the first Italian Community School entirely
dedicated to the world of paper flowers!with live
courses it will seem to be  one next
to the other and you can acquire the
right method to get the most out of your creations
and realize original paper flowers with unique design
and exclusivedirectly from your PC or smartphone yes! even


you start from scratch!


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Would you like to take part in an online course that will guide you step by step towards the realization of a paper flowers at your choice from the exclusive  design?

online courses

( live, facebook, in Italian language )

exclusive models

( immediate download )

Crea anche tu

( the paper models )


Courses are free of paper flowers in collaboration with

www.cartaindispensa.com ( shipping only in Italy )

We'll see you online and in live it's fun for us to create together new flowers, each a direct you expect new techniques and tips

The first shop in Italy dedicated entirely to the floral arrangements in the paper!

You will find unique models of their kind, totally original!

Will allow you to create floral arrangements with innovative and amaze your customers with something new 🌸

With the purchase of the Crea anche TU🌷

you have the right to:

1) exclusive model of the flower in the formats-pdf - svg - study

2) video with all the details for the mounting

3) useful tips on tools and cards to use


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