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something of me

From the Web designer, a flower designer 🌸

Are a Flower Designer 🌷

A profession little known in Italy but much appreciated by creative and craft.

Let me explain:

I am a graphic designer and three years ago, a project for flowers that will set up spaces more or less large, display windows, trade shows, or will decorate investments, boxes, explosion box, tableau mariage...

Brides-to-be the most original of them will take in their precious the centre of the table and in the bouquet that, if preserved with care, will last for ever ❤️

In the specific project, patterns for making paper flowers ( paper flowers ) I love to take inspiration from the nature and them I play my own way.

My mission is to make flowers more lifelike, impactful and/or special requests that I receive, but at the same time must be simple and fast to assemble;

A good daily challenge, I will confess that sometimes I go on for days until they are fully satisfied, some times are more successful.

Are a almost wife ( I am cohabiting for 7 years, I get married in June if San Lorenzo will bear with me during all the preparations 😉 ) and I am the mother of a child of 3 years ( Nicolò, to friends, fast & furios 😎 )

1 - Are solar, a lover of beauty and innovation

2 - The word order is: "Harmony"!!

If you disrespect my loved ones, not to read the points 1 and 2 🙃

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