Paper Flower Social Lab

2020-10-12 11:46

Lucilla Paper

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This is Paper Flower Social Lab, a free Fb group, within which you will find a real free route..


Meet Paper Flower Social Lab 🤩 What is Paper Flowers Social Lab? is a free Fb group, within which you will find a real free path to learn how to make paper flowers of different sizes and you will do it while having fun and spending quality time with lots of creative / artisans like you and before you ask me .... yes! even if you start from scratch! Within the group we will discover: What tools do you need to start making paper flowers Which papers to choose to make paper flowers of any size come to create perfect folds even in giant flowers and with heavier weight papers .... and more ... ... you will receive lots of free patterns / templates in the following formats: pdf for hand cutting study for the car silhouette svg for all other cutting plotters In the group you will immediately find some tips on basic tools and we will see together which are the most suitable cards for the correct assembly of a paper flower! and again you will find the two videos with advice on cards and tools in the "unit" section of the group and a practical printable summary sheet in the "file" section A real training course with many unpublished free templates You will always find important communications in the "communications" section ... and following the videos with the respective mounting methods, you will see wonderful flowers blossom from your own hands 🌸 Ready to get excited? I respect you and your time You will therefore have plenty of time to exercise, there is no deadline and you can follow me comfortably online, wherever you are, in your spare time and directly from your smartphone! We bet that thanks to a method consolidated in recent years and with minimal effort on your part, you too will learn how to make paper flowers? Then? What are you waiting for? Sign up now by clicking on the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/PaperFlowerSocialLab/ Do you think some friends might be interested in this free course? Invite them to the group or share this post 💞☀️ I'll wait for you 👭


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